About Us

Horse EASE focuses on developing products that are easy-to-use, practical, and simple solutions to common issues in the typical horse owner’s life. Our goal is to make your horse life easier; we focus on the details so you can focus on your horse.

Me and BrahmiThe Beginning of Horse EASE

Horse EASE came into being when founder Mystic Pope spent countless hours out in the cold barn battling abscess…after abscess…after abscess. The
Year of Abscesses was so bad that they nicknamed the farm “Soak & Wrap Farm.”

With every hoof dressing and every minor irritating detail that comes along with making a homemade duct tape wrap, Mystic couldn’t help but think that there had to be something that both simplified and expedited  the process of wrapping injured hooves for the sake of the irritated horse (and human!). She got to work and began developing products that were simple yet effective solutions to the problems she faced in the barn.

Me and Sal - no halter

Mystic Pope – Horse EASE Founder

Mystic has been involved in the equine industry since 1992 and has done everything from caring for 28 horses at a time in a breeding and training facility, to breaking and training horses as a professional. Her knowledge of practical solutions – of what the typical horse caregiver really needs – comes from the “been there, done that” experiences her horse life has given her.